What else should a landlord consider when screening a prospective tenant besides checking the tenant’s credit and criminal background?

Ask for a photo ID, preferably a driver’s license, of the tenant applicant to make sure they are who they say they are. Make sure this is the driver’s license number they write on the application. Approximately one out of 25 tenant applicants use a social security number that is not theirs. Tenant Screening runs a social security identity search that will check to make sure the prospective tenant is not using another person’s social security number. However, if a person gives you another person’s name and social security number the application will not show up as being fraudulent.

Collecting for unpaid rent and damages

One way to collect for unpaid rent and damages is to hire a collection agency. Rent Recovery – http://www.rentrecoveryservice.com is a collection agency that works on a contingency or flat fee basis. They will also report the tenant to all three credit bureaus. If you hire them on a contingency basis, you pay nothing unless they collect. They keep a percentage of the amount they collect. They report the debt owed to all three credit bureaus if you hire them on a contingency or flat fee basis.

When is the landlord entitled to keep the security deposit?

In most states you must return the security deposit within 30 days or send a certified letter to the tenant stating why you are keeping it. Failure to send a certified letter within 30 days could entitle the tenant to the full security deposit even if the tenant moved out owing rent and damaged your property. The Landlord is entitled to use the security deposit for any rent owed and for damages.

Evictions - Tenant Screening Can Help Prevent Them

An eviction proceeding is a lawsuit to obtain a court order to remove the tenant. It is against the law to physically or constructively remove the tenant from the premises. No matter how mad you are, don’t even consider changing the locks, shutting off the power or taking the front door out for “repairs.”

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